Friday, September 28, 2012

Tamaki Tech

Every Tuesday we have been walking down to Tamaki College and having our Technology down there. The most likeable class that I have had is Cooking with Mrs Heka and the most unlikeable class is Electronic with Mr Malhotra. The second favorite class is hard materials. The reason why I hated Electronic was because Mr Malhotra talks way too much, at cooking, we obviously got to cook.

In Electronics, we learnt how to use a soldering iron. We even got to make stuff that involved LED lights, batteries and burning stuff with the soldering wire. The reason why it was so boring was because Mr Malhotra would talk way too much and he would take up alot of our time so thats why some of us didn’t finish our projects.

In Hard Materials, I had a lot of fun making a housing joint and turning it into a tow truck. I really like the teacher who takes it and his name is Mr Grundy (he is really honest when it comes to honesty). I liked that class because it was very fun learning a lot of thing about making thing with wood.

Now I have cooking and the teacher who takes that is Mrs Heka and she is AWESOME!!!. Next term she will be going to fiji and then a new teacher will be taking us. It’s really sad because I like watching her cook and she has a great humour. I feel sad and happy at the same time.


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