Wednesday, September 19, 2012


As the scorching hot sun was shining brightly in our eyes, the rugby girls were getting ready to play against Koru school. It was on a very hot Friday afternoon when we went to go and watch the girl play rugby on our school field. The Koru girls came from South Island. Our girl looked very determined to win and as for Koru, well they looked determined as well.

When Mr Jacobson and his helper were setting up the field, the girls were inside getting ready for this big game. Like Mr Jacobson always says, “ Right time, right place and right attitude!!” Then out came our rugby girls. As the girls walked out proudly then out came Koru school and they had determined looks on their faces. You could see in their eyes that they really wanted to win.

“ Go Pt England, you can do it!!” screamed the line of spectators. The girls were lining up in their positions ready to make tremendous tried and big hits and tackles. As people like Jaylee and Athena ran up to tackle the opposition, then Pesi ran up and scored the very first try of the game and then you could see that Koru was getting very fierce.

You could feel that everybody was very excited that we got the first try but there
was more to go. Koru got a try then we did then they did then we did and it just kept going back and forward. But then at the very end it was a tie and the person who got the golden try. But unfortunately the school who got the golden try was Koru. It was very upsetting but it was a really good game for the girls.

The score was 15-16. It was a very close game and the girls worked very hard to get to where they are right now! I felt bad for the girls but I felt really happy for Koru school. “ It alright girls, next time you will win” the supports say to them and then we went back to class packed up and went home.


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Hi Huelo-Ata

Very nice story. Has good descriptions and a nice story line. Well done, keep it up.

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