Monday, September 10, 2012

What if . . . . I WAS A BILLIONAIRE?

What if I was a billionaire? I would take some money for the Charities and the cancer society. I would help other people with sickness diseases and help the poor. I would buy my family some food. I would take my family for a trip overseas for a week. I would visit my other family in the Cook Island and give them some money as well.

I would buy me a two story mansion with a pool the size of a blue whale and a nice car. I would have 6 bedrooms, 7 toilets, 4 showers and baths, a Huge kitchen and a big family room. I would buy two 50 inch Panasonic TV, but I would also give some money to the school so everybody will get a netbook and maybe a Ipad touch each. I will have my own water slide and a diving board.

I would travel around the world and learn different languages like my own language. I would travel to hollywood and meet some of the most famous people like Beyonce and One Direction ( Boy Band ). Then I would own a sports hall and in it you can play basketball, volleyball, soccer and netball. I would buy a library to have my own piece and quite. If there was anything in the world that I love better than money, it is my own family.


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