Thursday, May 24, 2012

Tamaki Tech

Every Tuesday, the year 7’s walk down to Tamaki College and have 3 different categories to go to. They are electronics, hard materials and food tech. We go down to Tamaki to experience all the thing that we will learn to do when we go there.

The activity that I’m in this term is hard materials and I think that it is going to be cool. The teacher that guides up throw the steps is Mr Grundy and he is a professional at drawing. Hard materials sounds cool and it is cool, when you arrive in the workshop there are tables to work on and there is only 4 students aloud on a table.

When we arrived in the workshop, the first thing that I noticed was all of the tools and wood in there. We all went to take a set and Mr Grundy introduced himself. After that, he gave out booklets for us to fill in and so we all did. We drew housing joints, a housing joint is a piece of wood and then you cut, make a dent in it and then put it back together.

Even though I have been in hard materials for one day, it’s pretty cool. I had a great time in hard materials and I get to learn more about it next week on Tuesday.


Cecilia said...

Hey Huelo-ata,

I like your piece of writing about Tech.
I hope to see what you have done with Mr
Grundy at the end of the day.
I hope to see more posts from you!

Serena K said...

Hi Huelo-ata
it me Serena I like the work that you have done about Tech.

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