Friday, September 21, 2012

Olympics day!!

It was a scorching hot thursday morning when I could hear someone calling me. “ Hey Hueloata, can I have some help here please?” Miss Va'afusuaga calls out to me. She was setting up an amazing whole day olympics day on our school fields. There was sports gear everywhere so she asked if we could help her put them into their right places.

My socks were soaking wet when I had finished doing that job
for Miss Va’afusuaga. “ Ring!!” the bell goes. Then everybody came to sit down on the court in our line and countries. The first thing that Miss Va’afusuaga said were all of the activities that we had to go to.

The team that I was in was Kenya. My buddie was Rita and our team leader was Miracle. The first activity that ‘Team Kenya’ did was foursquare in the street. The teacher who took that activity was Mrs Lagitupu! Sadly, team kenya lost to team Uganda but in our heart we won that game.

“bounce, bounce, bounce.” I could hear the basketballs bounce. The I thought in my head that we were going to play basketball. I was right!! I was on the second round and we won fair and square, but it was really hard to be up against Russia.

I had a really cool day and I really hope that we can do it again. I felt happy and tired at the same time.


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