Wednesday, September 12, 2012

What if ........ I Was A Superhero

What if I was a Superhero? If I was a superhero, I would have powers like flying, water and fire, invisibility  and other cool things. I would fly over the city and if anyone needed any help than I would help them. “ Help, Help!” someone would calls and I would be there to rescue that person.  I would like to be called ‘Mysterious’.  

I would use the element water to put out all of the fires in the city. I would use the element fire to let all of the bad people know not to come anywhere near me. Last but not least, I would use the invisibility to get through all of the bad thing that are happening! I would be as invisible as the wind.

If I was to be called a superhero, then I would do anything and help anyone if they ever needed me. I would stop all of the burglaries and all of the bank robberies. I would be as happy as a person who just won the lottery. It would be an honor to be called a superhero.


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