Thursday, October 25, 2012

Narrative Writing

“ What should we do today?” asked Emily. It was going to be another long, sunny, boring day just sitting in the living room, wondering what to do. Susan just remembered that she had volunteered to clean the crocodiles cage at the zoo. “ Oh no, not the zoo!” Joe said. He absolutely hated the zoo.

When they arrived, they went up to the main desk and asked how they could help to clean up the crocodiles enclosure. Emily had to pick up all of the litter, Joe had to feed the crocodiles and Susan had to clean the pool. “ I'm pretty hungry, how about you fellows?” said Susan. So they all went to the cafe.

Joe wasn’t that hungry so he had a rest on the little armchair and Emily and Susan had a cup of coffee. They didn’t know but someone had left the crocodile cage open so Crocky the crocodile had escape. He would destroy everything that was in his path or in his way. “ ARGHHHHHHHHHH!!” a man called. “Help me!” Crocky the crocodiles was on the loose.

Crocky snuck up on Joe and he started to run because he saw Crocky. Emily and Susan went after the crocodile and and Joe followed them. They went round and round in circles. They were running straight for the cage when Crocky got trapped by the Animal control.

“ Today wasn’t boring at all!” said Susan. It was a awesome, tiering and scary day for Joe, Emily and Susan. I wonder who left the cage open?” Joe asked. So they were trying to over think who left the cage open.


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