Thursday, September 6, 2012

Mini Olympics

“Hueloata, do you have a number and team?” Mrs Lagitupu said. I said “what is it for?” With a surprised look on my face,she told me that we were doing a mini Olympics. “ But its raining!” I was complaining to Mrs Lagitupu. “ I know, but its going to be indoors.” The years 5-8 were competing in the mini-olympics. When we arrived in the hall, I could see people lining up in their teams. The team that I was in was Tainui 1. 

The first activity that we did was Relays with Mr Burt. The team that we were against was Takitimu. I felt really nervous. The relays were to get the tennis ball in the bucket three times then  run with a hula hoop on your hand while it’s spinning. You also had to hold the tennis ball in the middle of your legs and get it in the bucket. Then we rotated to another activity.

 That was Singstar with Mr Jacobson. The team that we were against for that activity was Te Arawa 2. The first people to sing was Ashin and Andrew. They were singing I wanna dance with somebody by Whitney Houston. It was so funny watching them sing. “ I wanna dance with somebody” They sang. But unfortunately Ashin didn’t win, Andrew did. Then Awhina sang against Toko and the same happened with him. Awhina won!

I didn’t get to have my battle against my friend Tui but, in the Obstacle course I got to verse her and the person who took it was Miss Va'afusuaga. The obstacle course went like this. First we had to dribble the soccer ball then we had to go over the beam with the it. After that we went over then under the stage blocks. Last but not least, we had to kick the ball into the goal. I was one of the fastest people there.

The very last activity was Cyber coach with Mr Slade. Cyber coach is like jump jam but the moves don’t go fast, they go slow. We learnt a very fun dance. But later on in the day it got very boring and then I sat down. I was very exhausted on that day and I would love to have another mini-olympics again someday.


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