Friday, December 13, 2013

Camp Highlight

Some of my highlights from Camp Keswick were swimming and going to the Agrodome. At the agrodome, we got to see all the different kinds of sheep and we even got to watch one get shaved. There all kinds of sheep's like the Merino and Drysdale. Merino was the biggest sheep there and he stood right at the top. I really wanted to see how long it takes to shave a Merino but if we were to shave the Merino, it would take 3 years for it’s fluff to grow back.

Another highlight of mine was the Luge rides! At first, when I saw people speed down the track I was really scared but then when I tried it myself, It was Awesome! There are three different tracks to go down Scenic, Intermediate and Advanced. I went down the Scenic track because it was my first time going down and I was really scared that I was going to crash, but then I went speeding down that track and I was having so much fun.


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