Wednesday, September 26, 2012

End of the term reflection

Experiencing and learning about all kinds of different things this term was awesome! Learning different things about reading, writing and maths was very educational and fun. I would have always fought to the finish if I hadn’t finished my individual project.

Our class won the MAGIC (Music and Art Glen Innes Centre) competition. Then we had to go to these meetings to talk about the music and art centre and how we should fix it up. Then we had a look at all of the charts and we even got to write down our own ideas to help them fix up the place.

I have learnt a lot of new and exciting things just from this term! My teacher Mrs Lagitupu has been helping me to achieve all of my goals. One of my goals were to skip 100 or more times without stopping. I achieve it because I worked very hard and I practised every week or at least once a week.

This term I have had a lot of fun and I hope that next term I will have an even better term! I even made new friend. If you finished school and you didn’t want it to, how would you feel?


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