Thursday, December 12, 2013

Netbook Reflection 2013

Having my netbook has help me alot with my work. It has been much easier working on my netbook and getting on the net. I have found it much quicker to complete tasks and hand them into the teachers on time. It has helped my learning more than when we had paper and pencil. I think that my learning has increased alot and I have developed a load of skills around google docs. Having a school email is much easier because you can ask your teacher online instead of getting up and asking them. At school we have a tracking my success and I have taken advantage of the opportunity to check it out myself. I have learnt more about decimals, percentages and fractions. Watching those linked videos have developed my maths skills by a heap, now I know way more about decimals, percentages and fractions. It has also helped me learn my basic skills on a website called Xtramaths and Maths Whizz. Netbooks are much easier to work with.


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