Tuesday, February 12, 2013

My Learning Goal for Term 1

Room 22 has been assigned to have one goal for this term. My learning goal is to improve in my reading. To achieve my goal I need to read something a little challenging for at least 20 minutes everyday. By the end of this term, I hope to be reading at 13 years or more. Hope you enjoy my presentation.


jaylee n said...

Hey Ata,
It's good to see that you are really passionate about achieving your goal, I loved all your vocabulary and I think if you keep reading you will succeed. Keep Up The GREAT work!!

Yours Truly

Mary said...

Wow Ata,
Nice Learning Goal I hope you will achieve it. 'Write to be Understood, Speak to be heard, Read to grow' that's my favourite picture. Keep it up, hope you write another Learning Goal.

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