Thursday, February 9, 2012

All about Graphs!!

This graph is a bar graph, but this is not the only one. Some of the other names of the graphs are line graph, stem and leaf graph, pie chart, X and Y graph, area graph and circle graph. The pie chart and the circle graph are really similar to each other because there both circle. Some people use graphs to update Data like how I use on the picture on the left. The graph on the left show's Rm 21's favorite Animals. The animals that are involved in the graph are Dog or puppy, Lion, Monkey, Giraffe, Bear or Panda and other.
The most popular Animal is a Dog or Puppy.


Cecilia said...

Hey Huelo-ata,

That was a great story about your graph that you collected.

Keep up the great work Huelo-ata!

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