Monday, July 8, 2013

Should Pt England Be A Single Gender School?

Honestly, I think that Pt England school should be a only girls school. The reason why is because girls will be more focused on their work and they will be more confident to put their hand up and give an idea without anyone laughing. But the only bad thing about it is when girls cause dramas between each other and many fight as well.

If it was a girls school, the girls will be able to focus on their work and and support each other. There are more distractions in a co-ed school then a single school. It will be easier for girls to raise their hand and say what their thinking.

The only reason why it will be a bad school for girls is because the will be alot of dramas and gossip. People not minding their own business and people trying to get but into other people business. People causing fights for know reason and wanting to fight for know reason.


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