Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Hip Hip, HOORAY!

Monday 22 July 2013. That date specificity holds a special day and that day is my auntie Millie's birthday. It was very special because she was turning 21 and you only turn 21 once. " We are going to make her a big feast for her birthday!" my mum said as she had just come back from Pak'nsave. My mum pull savoury's, sausages, crab meat, chicken, vermicelli and pork out of the Pak'nsave bags. We sorted out the food and started to cook.

The kids were cleaning and the adults were cooking and everyone was doing something. It was meant to be a surprise but somehow, she figured out. Even though she knew, we still did it for her. Cooking and even more cooking, cleaning and even more cleaning, it was a very busy day. When we finally finished everything thing, we set up the tables and then she arrived with her friend, Shelly.

As she walked through the door, we all sang happy birthday to her and she smile. Then we all gave her a big hug and we started to eat. The food was going as fast as a cat running away from a dog and when it was finish, we got to the desert. For desert we had ice cream and a chocolate log. It was so delicious and I wanted more but there wasn't any more.

It was a very big and busy day so when the day ended, everyone went to sleep and had a good night rest. When it's your birthday, I wish you the biggest happy birthday anyone could ever give and hope you enjoy your birthday. Hip hip, HOORAY!


Tes Taliauli said...

Hi Huelo-ata,
I enjoyed reading about this great celebration. Good sentence structures made it even easier to read. Keep up the great work.

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