Monday, July 8, 2013

Prospective Student

My friend Brooklyn and I have put this together for you to read. Hope you enjoy.

Dangling precariously off the cliff the boy wonders to himself, will I make it?, or has my time come to an end? But with all his strength that he has left he pulls himself up onto the ledge. A slight of relief came across his mind but he also felt a feeling of anxiousness. Stopping to take a breath, in his sights he sees the karate dojo standing before him. His search had finally come to an end.

As he was walking up the steps, we could see the door. “Knock, knock!” The boy knocked twice. “SQUEAK!” The door slowly started to open and behind the door was the sensei. The boy saw the sensei and bowed not knowing what to do next. The sensei had pointed to his right and shut the door behind him.
The boy was very disappointed so he started to meditate to show the sensei that he was good enough to get into the school. After meditating for a day and a night, he finally knocks on the door again. The sensei opens the door and has the exact same reaction. Pointing to the side the boy gets rejected again.
The boy was very disappointed so he turned around and left the school. As he was walking, he looked down at the ground and his reactions start to change as he get more confident. He was so confident that he kicked the door open and wanted to fight the sensei.

As he was in his fighting stance, the sensei had pointed to the side on more time and he had finally looked to where he was pointing and saw a sign. “Please use side entrance”Looking very embarrassed, he used the side entrance and shut the door behind him.   


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