Monday, December 17, 2012

Prize giving 2012

"Oh no!" I said as I was getting ready for prize giving, an annual event. It was on a Thursday night and it was the year years 5-8. I came early on Thursday because I had to get ready for Kapa-Haka. " When you go on stage, SMILE!", Whaea Sophie said to us all as we were about to walk up on the stage. It almost felt like I was going to faint or even something worst than that!

Walking up the step on the stage was very nerve racking because there was a whole crowd of people watching you! "Smile!" Whaea Raewyn said again. Going up on that stage was like a heat wave coming my way, it was very nerve racking seeing all of the people watching you and thinking that they were going to watch every single step you take! Finally, we finished and got off the stage.

I went to go and get changed then came back into the hall and see everyone get prizes and do there dances. Then at the end we had to turn around and sin got the parents to let them know they are appreciated at all the hard work that they do for us. Then we left and went back home to have a good night rest to go back to school tomorrow.


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