Monday, December 10, 2012

My Future Career

Hopefully my future career is to end up with me being a baker and make alot of new recipes of my own. I chose this as my future career because I have experienced it every Tuesdays of school, walking down to Tamaki College and going to my cooking class. We would make many yummy things like apple dutch cake, cookies and strawberry tarts.

Being a baker is a dream of mine and it would be awesome if I was to be a baker in the future. I have experienced it alot of times and I have made many  mistakes making it as well. I would have picked up my mistakes and learn from it so I would make the right decisions next time.

The person that I look up to is Nigella Lawson, I watch her making her own recipes and I vison myself standing next to her and helping her make her muffins and brownies. I would really love to be a baker when I am old enough to get my own show and maybe someday, someone might look up at me and vision them standing next to me and helping me with my baking.


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