Monday, December 3, 2012

Athletics 2012

"Oh no!" I thought to myself as I was getting ready for Athletics. An annual sports activity that happens every year. It was a sunny Wednesday morning, birds singing and the sun in the sky, I woke up  and as a looked at the clock it was almost 7:30am! I rush into my room, put my uniform on and quickly had breakfast. Athletics was held at Lloyd Elsmore park.

I ran down to school as quickly as I could and as I entered the school hall, I could see people scattered all around the hall. We waited and waited for the bus to arrive but still no bus. “SCREECH!!”, we heard the bus pull up and quickly hopped in the bus. I sat next to my friend Brooklyn, it wasn’t that long until we got there and we all got out a.s.a.p so we could look for a nice cool spot underneath the shade.

“ The first people to go to high jump is Huelo-Ata and Tui at 9:30.” Mr Barks said to us all as we were settled down in our space. I was really nervous so I went to go and stretch so I could feel more better than how I felt that morning. The clock struck 9:30 and so I had to go to the high jump mats to do high jump. Unfortunately I didn’t make it over the 4th one so I went back to have a rest because I had sprints in an hour time.

I had my morning tea and then Miss Va’afusuaga called me because some of my family members were here to watch me jump and sprint, I was really surprised. It was my turn to run so I went with Serena, my friend who also qualified for sprints as well, “Do your best!” I said to her and she said the same thing back to me. I ran my hardest and when we were at the finish line there was a muddle-up between the lanes and because 1 person went into another lane and wasn’t disqualified! So we raced again and I came 4th!


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