Tuesday, September 6, 2011


With not knowing I was invited, I let out a tremendous scream when I found out that I was!! I was invited to my friend birthday party! Her name is Jasmine and she was turning 11. We started to be Best friends in Rm 7 and then ever sense that year we have been in the same classes(and still B.F’s).

She chose the same 2 people who went with her Last year. Her friends Rita and I. Yep, I was invited last year too. There were a lot of things to do with her and on her birthday, so come and explore about Jasmine Birthday.

We chose some places to go and these ones we went to. The movies first, Mini golf, spaces, Ten-pin bowling, and that about it. We went to the movies to watch Glee 3D. It was Awesome!! Her mum didn't come inside with us so we went in by ourself.

With nothing to blurt out, I couldn't say that we had a dum time, so I would rather say we had a AWESOME TIME!!!! I felt sad because we had to go home. I had a very great time.


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