Sunday, September 18, 2011

Country Languages. . .

Languages. . . don’t you feel funny when you don’t know what someone is saying. Well, I do because what if their trying to tell you something and you don’t know what they are say. Lets see some of the languages and what other people might be saying to you.

To say hi, my name is in Spanish you say hola, mi nombre es. To say that in France, you say Salut, mon nom est. To say Thank you and I will see you later in Italian, you say Grazie a voi e io ci vediamo dopo.

Well, when somebody is trying to say something and you don’t know what their saying how do feel. I feel embarrassed. Do you want to know why. Because if your around people in a different country and someone is telling you something people will be staring at you.

Quiz time!!!You have to go to google translate and that will give you the answer. If you know the answer then go to comment and you can type it in there.What does these mean. In Italian, Ciao, mi chiamo Huelo-ata e ho 10 anni. . . In Spanish, Encantado de conocerte and in French, Quel est votre nom, mon nom est Hueloata. That is it for now but come back and explore more.


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