Wednesday, November 7, 2012

How to make a Polka dot Teddy bear

The things that you will need to make a Teddy bear is:

* A sewing needle
* Cotton
* Scissors
* Felt Materials
* Paper and a pencil
* Stuffing ( to put in the teddy bear )
* Eyes to put on the teddy bear
* Polkadots and a bow
* Hot glue gun


* Felt Materials
* Fabric
* Treads
* Stuffing


1. First you sketch a picture of a teddy bear on a piece of paper and then cut it out, you have to half the fabric so there is two piece of the fabric shaped as a teddy bear when you finish

2. Then you put the cut-out of a teddy bear sketch and put it on the piece of fabric and put pins through it, the pins are there to help keep the piece of paper still
when you cut it out

3. Then you cut over the piece of paper and then take off the paper so the material looks like the sketch. Then you will have two pieces of material that is in the shape of  a teddy bear

4. After that you will have to take one of the cut-out  pieces and cut a little slit in the middle so you can put the stuffing in it

5. Then you will have to sew the two pieces together and when you finish you will have to turn the teddy bear inside out from the little slit so you don’t see the sewing marks in it

6. Next you will have to put the stuffing in through the little slit that we made earlier and then sew it up with a sewing needle and cotton

7. Finally  you can cut out circles with the Leftover  fabric and sew it on the teddy bear so it looks like a ‘Polka Dot Teddy bear’


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