Wednesday, November 14, 2012


It all started with a sunny Thursday morning, blue skies and birds singing in the trees.  I came to school in my house colour and it was Tainui a.k.a blue!! I could see sports gear all over the field, it was Athletics day!!  The whole school had to participate. “ Good morning girls, nice to see you in your house colours!” Mr Jacobson said to us.  It was a good beginning to the day.

I am 11 year old so I had to go with the 11 year old girls. Our very first activity was Javelin. As I anxiously walked up to take my turn, I pick up the javelin stick and threw it with all my might. As the Javelin stick flew out of my hand, I watched it whizz past in mid-air. “Thud!!” the javelin stick hit the ground and to my surprise I realised that I was coming second! “Yippy!” I said happily.

“Yay!” I shouted happily because our next activity was my favorite, High Jump! I was very excited! Miss King took high jump and the side that I jump from is my left because I am more confident on that side then on the right. I ran up to the mat and jumped as high as i could and I made it!! I was so relieved. But unfortunately no one won so we have to have a final when we can see who won.
“Our next activity is sprints.” Our teacher said. So we ran to the sprints and got ready to line up. Mr Jacobson was the teacher who took it and Mrs Flavel was at the end to write down who came 1st, 2nd and 3rd. “ On your marks, get set . . . . . . GO!!!” I sprinted as fast as I could and I came 2nd in the 75m and 100m sprint. I was so happy.

That day was very cool and when we finished everything we have a relay with all of the teachers, parents and kids. It looked fun but I wasn’t aloud to race because Miss Va’afusuaga already got all of the people.  I felt really happy and relieved that Athletics was finished because I was really tired so I went home and had a sleep.


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