Friday, August 17, 2012

Usain Bolt, A true sprinting legend

The unbeatable Jamaican Athlete Usain Bolt always crossing the finish line in incredible records like 19.19 seconds. Usain Bolt is as fast as lightning and as fierce as thunder. In Bolts words he said that the London Olympic games was when he was going to become a legend and he did!!! But not for the reasons that he thinks.   

Jacques Rogges, the president of the IOC ( International Olympics Committee ), says that bolt has to participate in 3 or 4 more olympic games to become legendary. Usain Bolt  won the the 200m sprint at two Olympic games. But still not enough to make him legendary. Becoming the first sprinter to win both of the 100m and 200m in two of the Olympic games again!! Still no change.

In the 80,000 seat Stadium, when he is on the track ready to run the people chant “ Usain, Usain do the bolt!! ” They didn’t do that for the other athletes. The crowd would go wild screaming “Do the Bolt.” As they were screaming, he pointed his finger to the sky in his trademark pose.

When he does his trademark pose, many people would scream and shout out his name. When I watch Usain Bolt run around the track, he inspires me to try and run my hardest when I run and to try my hardest at everything. One day, I would like to be in his shoes running around the track and breaking world records like his records.


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