Friday, June 29, 2012

Reflection for this term

This term, I have learnt alot of things about art. The other thing is that we even got to learn about artists like Claude Monet, Vincent Van gogh, Henri Matisse and their styles of art. I have a painting of my special place and the artist that I have chosen to look over on is Claude Monet. His art is like when you take a picture but moved a little and everything is blurry. I am proud of what I have accomplished this term.

We even had a performance and it was called P.E.P.A, it stands for Pt England Performing Art. It was so awesome!!! I like it because there were all sort of categories. There were kapa haka, hip hop, ballet, breakdancing and others. A lot of people were very confident at what they were doing because their teacher was very confident as well and her name is Olivia Muliaumasealii. She is the one who made up P.E.P.A.

This term has been a blast. I feel really happy and sad at the same time. The reason I feel happy is because we don’t have to go to school and the reason why I’m sad is because I don’t get to see my friends again until school starts. I hope that next term will be even better.


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