Friday, June 29, 2012

My special place

Special places are everywhere. My special place is in Gisborne. I chose Gisborne because I went to a beach with my mum called Waikanae beach and we had a swim there. It was so awesome! I really liked that place because I got to meet new people in my family that I didn’t know before. It takes a really long time to get there but it’s worth it because I have fun playing with my cousins. It’s special to me because it reminds me of the first time I got to meet new people in my family.

Claude Monet is really talented when it comes to painting. So, that is why I chose him. His style of art is Impressionism. I have decided to base my painting on Monet’s because he makes his art look so realistic. I wanted to try and make my painting of Waikanae beach look like the one of his called ‘Arm of the Seine near Vetheuil’. His art looks like he hasn’t even sketched it. When you look at his paintings, it has no lines at all. It doesn’t really matter what colours you use but the important thing is that you know what colours you’re using. The colours that I have used are dull. I didn’t use bright colours because I like dull colours like green. I carefully used little brush strokes and it was pretty hard to do. I really like my painting and I hope you do too.


Grant O'Connor said...

Hi Huelo-ata,

I can see that you have tried to catch the Impressionism style in your art work. I can see in your description that you have carefully thought about Monet's painting and tried to use the same style and techniques in your painting.

Mr. O'Connor

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