Thursday, May 3, 2012

Learning About Different Artist

This year, our Topic is Art Alive and the Team 5 students have been rotating to other classes and learning about different artists. Lets explore my interesting experience.

Instead of rotating, we stayed in our normal class first and the artist that we were learning about was Henri Matisse. His style is Fauvism, in other words ‘Wild Beast’. He believed that colours had healing powers and it expressed his feelings. We sketched part of one of his paintings.

We learned a lot about Henri Matisse but there was another artist that we had to learn about, Vincent Van Gogh. We went to Room 22 which was our second class. The teacher who takes that class is Mrs Nua. I found out that Van Gogh cut off his earlobe and sent it to his girlfriend. His style or art is expressionism. We drew a sunflower and then we painted it using vertical brush strokes.

The next day, we went to Mr Barks class and we learnt about an artist named Picasso. He saw things from different angles and then he would place it in the same space but it would look different. His style is Cubism. We drew a face and it looked pretty awkward because pieces of the face looked twisted even though the features of the face were still the same.

The 4th class the we went to was room 19 and this artists name is Claude Monet, his style of art is Impressionism. His paintings are really cool because when you look at them it looks 3D. I painted the beach and a sunsetting.

The very last class that we went to was room 20 and the artist that we were learning about was Daniella Hulme. Her paintings are really bright and colourful and I have noticed that all of her paintings are about the Pacific. We painted a painting of hers and some of them looked awesome.

It had a great week learning about artists and their styles and one day I hope I will be an artist just like them.


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