Thursday, May 17, 2012

Comparing and Contrasting 'The Weeping Woman' By Pablo Picasso and 'A Lazy Day In Paradise' by Daniella Hulmes

In Rm 21 we have been assigned to compare and contrast two paintings. One of them is called ‘The Weeping Woman’ by Pablo Picasso and the other is called ‘A Lazy Day In Paradise’ by Daniella Hulmes. The style that Picasso is famous for is Cubism, but on the other hand Daniella Hulmes is a modern artist.

Pablo Picasso has weird and scary paintings so when you look at his paintings, it looks a bit bizarre. He uses a lot of odd colours but the main colour that he used in his painting ‘The Weeping Woman’ is yellow. He looks at things from different perspective and the person that is described as always weeping in his picture is Dora Maar.

When I look at the painting ‘A lazy day in paradise’, I recognize that it is an island and tropical painting and a woman relaxing and there are Samoan patterns used. A lot of her painting are Island paintings because her husband is Samoan. She has many bright colours but the colour that is most used is blue.

Both famous paintings and artist ‘The Weeping Woman’ by Picasso and ‘A Lazy Day In Paradise’ by Daniella Hulmes have some things in common but not a lot. They don’t have that many things that are the same but they have two things in common which are the colours yellow and blue and they have ladies in them.

In conclusion, I think that the paintings ‘The Weeping Woman’ and ‘A Lazy Day In Paradise’ don’t have that many things in common because they are both their own paintings. Daniella Hulmes and Pablo Picasso are both famous artist and their paintings are awesome!


Ramona said...

Huelo-ata that sure was a pretty good post of yours. The positive things that I loved about was that you said Picasso looks at things from different perspective and how you said that both paintings and artist " The Weeping Women" by Picasso and A Lazy In Paradise is by Daniella Hulmes

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