Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Fun times at Camp Bentzon!!!

Would you like to visit camp Bentzon? Well, most of our year 6’s went on a camp trip there. There were a lot of things to do at camp. Let’s explore my interesting experience.

On day 1 we got to have free time, by free time I mean Swimming, Volleyball, Gridiron and others. I went swimming and we all got to jump off the pontoon and there were a lot of splashes. We had a game of Volleyball (by we, I mean Mary and I).

Another activity that we did was hiking. Oh no, walking up steep, steep hills. It was so difficult because when we got up to steep hills, we would always slip. We made a chant and it goes “I will, you will, we will, never give up.” When someone is starting to give up, we would say the chant.

Have you ever wanted to conquer your fear? Well, Mansion B had a cool activity that was concourse. Concourse is short for confidence course. Using three point of contact, I did all of the things in the confidence course and I conquered my fear.

When we left, I felt sad because I didn't want to leave. Now, I feel alright because my friends. I still feel a little bit sad but I feel alright at the same time.


Mubasshira said...

Hi Heuolo-ata,

I really enjoyed reading your experience of camp. I could clearly tell that you really enjoyed going to Kawau Island. I went there last year when I was a year 6 and I loved it as well.

My favourite part of your story was when you said "Have you ever wanted to conquer your fear?" I thought that was such a good way of starting your paragraph. Anyways, Keep up the good work.

Yours Sincerely,

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