Monday, June 13, 2011

Netball going crazy!!

Over the last few weeks, room 18 have been learning how to play netball with a netball coach called Ema.She has been teaching us some technique of passing the ball, shooting positions, and no stepping in netball. Somethings that I really enjoyed was playing a fun game of netball, learning new technique and getting to know Ema. She is a really cool coach. I enjoyed getting to know Ema because she might be my netball coach next year.
One thing that I really liked to do was to have a game of netball. One of the things that I didn't like to do was NOTHING! Do you want to know why? Because those sessions were the best sessions ever!
Some of the games we played we quite fun but some of them weren’t. There were some exercises that we learnt how to do and one of them was the side walk. That what I call it. The exercises were cool exercises and I really want to thank her for teaching us cool games.
The final session has past and now and I have missed playing a exciting game of netball. Hope we will see again.


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