Friday, May 6, 2011

Traveling To The Hot Springs And Back!

Was it possible? Were we really going on a trip to Hamilton? Well, I was so amazed by how fast we could get ready!

Can you guess how long it took to get down there? Well, I don’t really know because I had a little catnap while we were on the way. I didn't think it was possible, but the moment I opened my eyes we were at Waingaro Hot Springs. As quick as I could, I hopped into my swimming suit. My eyes were so focused on something else, that I almost crashed into a pole. I followed my eyes. . . where did they lead, but to a wicked, spiralling hydro-slide!!!!

As I got ready to go on the hydro-slide the things that I needed to do was to grab a board, walk up the big hill, and get ready to slide down. Watch out because you might fall out! Do you want to know why you have to watch? Because there are some curvy bits that are to curvy and you might fly out. You don’t want to get hurt, or do you? I didn't get hurt on the hydro-slide only on the second one. The super fast one! You don’t need a mat because if you use a mat you are not going to land in the water. You are going to fly on to the deck. True story!

When I finished on the slide I saw my two Aunties and uncle. When we slid down we all said” 3, 2, 1, go.” We went in a team the second time and we all bumped into each other. After that we did it a couple more times and then went in a pool. There was a little slide for the baby's but we still went on it. We played a game in the pool and it was Jail and run away.It was a game that we made up. When we hopped out we were going to hop on the hydro-slide we saw our family getting ready to eat. “Yummy!!” we all said. Guess why?Because We were having some lunch that was Patty's, bread, salad, and steak.

Also it was the
EASTER HOLIDAYS!!!!!! Guess how many Easter eggs I got? 8!! After all those Easter eggs I got sick of chocolate but I still like it.

The day was totally awesome and I had a lot of fun too. The only time that I didn't fun was NOTHING!!!!!!! Do you know why?

If you want to know why come back to read more!
To be continued. . . . .


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