Friday, May 10, 2013


The big question was, ‘Who was the famous person coming to our school?’ Some people thought that it was our Prime Minister, John Key but, as soon as Mr Burt announced that the person who was coming  had musical abilities, then suddenly everyone thought twice about their guess. We were all eager and excited to find out who the mysterious VIP was?

It was time to assemble into the school hall and seeing all the media made this event seem very extraordinary. We were surrounded by video cameras associated with Tv producers who would have screened this event on NZ channels, we immediately thought “Obviously if there are a lot of cameras it has to be someone very special!’. Trying to keep still in our seats was very hard as our mysterious VIP was running late.

Our mysterious VIP had finally arrived at our school with prefects surrounding him. As soon as he entered the hall , it was a jaw dropping moment and it just felt so surreal for him to actually be here . The mysterious person  wasn’t mysterious anymore we all looked up Starstruck to actually see  ‘WILL.I.AM!! walking down the aisle  Yes, the artist from America whose album has recently gone platinum here in NZ and who is a member in the band ‘ Black Eye Peas ‘
WILL.I.AM kindly donated one hundred thousand dollars to our Manaiakalani Education Trust as a gift to support the schools in the Tamaki Cluster Zone. For us personally we are so thankful for his generosity to our school and for his inspirational speech he had spoken to us about. We really do wish him the best in his music career and god bless <3


Rebekah said...

Hi cousin its me rebekah I love your sentence about WILL.I.AM and it would be better if you just put a picture on or a movie but I still like your writing. It is a cool thing to read about and it really hooks my in.
Keep up the good work!

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