Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Duffy show

“SCREECH!” I could hear a car pull up, I could see the trailer and guess what I could see on it, ‘THE DUFFY THEATER!’ I really like to watch the duffy show because it is very inspirational, it inspires you to read so that you can get better at it. I was very excited because every year they come and bring us a show that get the crowd pumping and cheering.

As we arrived in the hall, I could see many students sitting down getting to see the show. As they were beginning to start, everyone start to clap and cheer. First of all they introduced  each other to all of us and then got ready to show us their act. It all started with the two brothers, Duffy and Scruffy who were trying to find each other but they just kept going around and around in circles. Then finally, they found one another and started with a handshake.

Duffy told Scruffy and story of his and it was called ‘Duffy loses his words’, it all began when Duffy was fast asleep and he had a dream. He dreamt that this bad guy named Volt Charts had stolen some all of his words and the next morning when he woke up there were alot of things going wrong. “Hey look, I have two t-shirts, and they both have my name on them!” Remember that dream that he had, well that was no dream, he couldn’t read and he went to school with his mothers t-shirt on!

Then Duffy remembered about his dream and Volt Charts stealing all of his words then he heard a voice saying “If you want to get all of you words back then you will have to challenge me” So they had to challenge each other so if Duffy wins he get all of his words back and if Volt Charts wins he takes all of Duffy words and vanishes FOREVER!  After all, Volt Charts didn’t steal all of his word and instead of English, he used Maori!

In the end, Duffy won and all of his words were rushing back into his head. It was very inspirational and now, I love to read. When it was over, we all went back to class and still had a thought in mind of the duffy show. The show was very exciting and I hope that next year it is even better.


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