Friday, October 28, 2011

Willow Park Camp!

Have you ever been been on a camp to Willow Park? Well, as you already know the holidays are for 2 weeks, I got to go on a camp for a whole week. If you went on this camp, I bet you would want to go again and again.

Games that we played. . .let me think spot light, chocolate fish hunt, we got to go to Eastern beach and have a sandcastle competition, we got to ride on the green machines , sports games like volley ball, tag, soccer, basketball and we got a lot of free time. I know, that might sound like a lot of games, but it wasn’t. Oh, and we had to go for fitness and that was running up a hill.

Ever camp that we have, all of the groups have to preform their dance. After that we usually go to sleep, but this time, we got to have a Disco. We were all dancing the night away and then at 10:00 we had to go to sleep and we got to sleep in a cabin with bunk beds.

I had a very fun time at Willow park, not just because I got to get away from home, but because I got to make new friends and I had a great time. Hopefully you have a great time if you go on a camp to Willow park. By the way, pick me up if you go too.


Dorothy said...

Thanks for the write up! You sure packed a lot of fun activities into one short week. I am glad you had such a good time. See you again next year :)

Mrs Burt

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