Friday, December 13, 2013

Camp Highlight

Some of my highlights from Camp Keswick were swimming and going to the Agrodome. At the agrodome, we got to see all the different kinds of sheep and we even got to watch one get shaved. There all kinds of sheep's like the Merino and Drysdale. Merino was the biggest sheep there and he stood right at the top. I really wanted to see how long it takes to shave a Merino but if we were to shave the Merino, it would take 3 years for it’s fluff to grow back.

Another highlight of mine was the Luge rides! At first, when I saw people speed down the track I was really scared but then when I tried it myself, It was Awesome! There are three different tracks to go down Scenic, Intermediate and Advanced. I went down the Scenic track because it was my first time going down and I was really scared that I was going to crash, but then I went speeding down that track and I was having so much fun.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Netbook Reflection 2013

Having my netbook has help me alot with my work. It has been much easier working on my netbook and getting on the net. I have found it much quicker to complete tasks and hand them into the teachers on time. It has helped my learning more than when we had paper and pencil. I think that my learning has increased alot and I have developed a load of skills around google docs. Having a school email is much easier because you can ask your teacher online instead of getting up and asking them. At school we have a tracking my success and I have taken advantage of the opportunity to check it out myself. I have learnt more about decimals, percentages and fractions. Watching those linked videos have developed my maths skills by a heap, now I know way more about decimals, percentages and fractions. It has also helped me learn my basic skills on a website called Xtramaths and Maths Whizz. Netbooks are much easier to work with.

Highlight of this year

This year has gone so fast and it only feels like last week was when we got into our classes. When I leave this school, what I’m really going to miss are all the teachers, my friends and all of the memories we made her. It has been really fun being in Mr Barks and Mrs Nua’s class, having Mr Barks as a maths teacher and having Mrs Nua as a reading teacher. Throughout this year, I have made alot more friends and we are really close.

One of my highlight for this year was hanging out with my friends. What I’m really gonna miss are my friends. Even though we have had our ups and downs, we are still all very close. He has been awesome this year hanging out with them and I hope we will still be very close next year.

Another one of my highlights this year was learning alot of things that I didn’t know about. Mr Barks has helped me learn more about maths. Maths is one of my favorite subjects in school and sometimes I struggle with some questions but, Mr Barks is always there to help. Mrs Nua has help me alot with reading and I would just like to thank her alot.

My very last highlight of this year is meeting and getting to know all of the teachers such as Mrs Nua, Mr Barks, Mrs Squires, Miss Tito, Miss King and Mrs Lagitupu. I am really going to miss them all, they were all very fun in their own times and it was awesome hanging out with them at camp. I am going to miss alot of things about this school when I head off to college and I would just like to thank everyone who has helped us get this far. Thank you.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Future Aspirations

A bunch of people came to our school to help us think of what our future aspirations could or should be. Tristan Pang, 12 years old, in Ficino School and next year he is off to University. He was very inspiring because he was the same age as most of us and I could tell that his favorite subject is maths! Mosa Mafileo, I really liked his speech because he was telling us what went on during his childhood. He lived in a 3 bedroom house with 15 people living in it. It was really sad but, he found a way to help his parents by getting a job. His very last thing he said to us was, “If you have a dream go for it and when you run after it, catch it!”

All of them got me thinking, what I want to be or do in the future. Before they came, I wasn’t really thinking of what I want to be. I have thought very hard about what I want to be and that would be a police officer. There are many thing to think about like being a dentist, a doctor, a nurse, work for google or something out of your wildest dreams.

My friends, Brooklyn and Jasmine would like to be a videographer! She wants to travel around the world, videoing many different things like on 3 news. She has been practicing by videoing alot of things during school. Shoal, another good friend of mine would either like to work for google or in the music industry.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

One direction

One direction is a British boy band created on the tv show, X Factor. Their names are Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson . They all auditioned separately and made it to boot camp. All 5 boys didn’t make it though but they got a second chance. They were all called back and became the group, One Direction! The boys made it into the top 3 but unfortunately they got eliminated. but, Simon Cowell was so impressed with the boy that he signed a contract with them. Their very first song was ‘What makes you beautiful’ and they reached up to 1 million hits or so.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

DLO - Icosahedrons


First of all, the question is 'Zoe can make 18 cushions in 3 days. How many cushions can you make in 7 days?' I think the answer is 42. Reason being is because you have to find out 18 divided by 3 which is 6. So, to find the answer you have to multiply 6 and 7 which comes to the answer 42.